Feel the spirit of yachting with us!
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Feel the Spirit of Yachting with us!


„The best thing in dreams is that we write the script” - M.C. Beaton

Our goal is to make your fantasy of yachting into reality and make the experience available for more and more people.

Therefore we wrote a script for every locations and occasions which might be the voyage of a lifetime experience. There are many locations to choose from. We also host parties of all occasions.

Our water transportation services are adventuresome especially for those who are ready to experience the closeness of water, the power of it and its beauty.

Crusing with us is more than just a boatride. We offer modern and stylish yachting with safety, expertise and elegance.

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Choose from our services:

Services on the Danube

Watertaxi – fast way into the city

Our watertaxi service offers a fast and time-saver transportation through the entire downtown section of Danube and the Danube shores of suburban settlements.

Do you work in an office of the Danube shore? Do you like fast alternative transport within the city? Do you travel regularly through the slow traffic wharfs where you barely get through the city's bridges back and forth between Buda and Pest? Call us and choose a faster, more convenient & exciting transportation than a vehicle or public transport.

Choose a faster, more convenient & exciting transportation than a vehicle or public transport!

  • Downtown territory between Bridge Megyeri and Bridge Rákóczi
  • Dunakeszi
  • Göd
  • Vác
  • Szentendre
  • Leányfalu
  • Other Danube shore terrority

Danube sightseeing - admire Budapest from its most beautiful face

Discover the sights of Budapest! Whether you are looking for cultural values, historical sights, natural beauty, architectural attractions, or culinary experience, we will show it to you! One of the most picturesque location of Europe's capital is Budapest.

First time in Budapest? Living in the Capital for long? From the River Danube you may feel a special and beautiful, unknown and exciting new picture which unfolds in front of you. We cruise into the nicest places of the city while we share interesting information of cultural and sights either in Hungarian or other foreign languages. You will take the most perfect picture on board, whether that is a landscape, a group photo, or a perfectly taken selfie!

Our sightseeing programs are also available in downtown Budapest, at Római-shore and the Ráckeve Danube branch at fixed price with a number of discounts and mooring facilities.

  • Budapest Ride - Small
  • Budapest Ride - Big
  • Szentendre Ride - Oneway & Return
  • Római Beach Ride
  • "A la carte" Sightseeing

Country yacht trips - where the voyage becomes a theme

Organise a trip without compromise, where a oneway or return ride already gives you an unforgettable relaxing experience.

We take you quickly and in a comfortable way on the surface of the water to the Danube's most beautiful places located in the near or even far-away.

We offer boatrides to Szentendre, Vác, Visegrád, Esztergom, Komárom, Baja, Mohács and any other agreed locations as well.

Would you like to hike in the mountains? Would you like to discover Château fort, Castles or Cultural debris? Would you like to participate in horse-riding programs? How about bathing in the water? Do you want to travel with narrow-gauge railway? Visit a zoo or safari park? Would you like to visit savory restaurants or jerrys? Don't use a vehicle. Don't waste your time! The shortest and most scenic way to these locations is through the Danube.

  • Szentendre
  • Vác
  • Visegrád
  • Esztergom
  • Komárom
  • Baja
  • Mohács
  • Other agreed locations

Wedding programs & theme yachting - because the water is eternal

For our lives' most beautiful, most important moments, we search the most special locations. Whether this is a wedding, engagement, anniversary, date, birthday, name day, we make it an unforgetable memory.

Our captains, officers and hostesses welcome You and your Love Ones at any scenes of our special events. You are the guest of honor in an exclusive environment where our crusing and its program is tailored to your event and your needs.

The water, the sun, the waves and our yacht's customized theme offer an unforgetable experience for unforgetable moments!

  • Wedding
  • Proposal
  • Bachelor Party
  • Hen Party
  • Engagement
  • Wedding Anniversary
  • Date
  • Birthday
  • Name day

Party yacht - where friends may feel they are "rowing" in the same boat

Life is meaningless without friendship. So that is why we offer lifetime experience for friends and groups as well.

Whether this is a bachelor or hen party or just a drink befor home, we provide private locations for a fun and carefree atmosphere.

We offer party sound and light engineering equipment as well as food and beverage on our yacht so you can start the party asap! Is there a more stylish way to have fun than with your own friends surrounded by your own music while arriving to the bustling downtown's best club scenes.

Be your own DJ and leave the cranky and uptight neighbours at home!

Arrive in style to the clubs and party areas near to the beach of the River Danube:
  • Raqpart
  • Hold Udvar
  • Ötkert
  • No Garage
  • Bad Girlz
  • Cafe del Rio
  • A38 Boat

Motorised water sports - adrenaline boat rides for beginners and advanced visitors

Many people don't know the ideal part & the clear water of the Danube although it is provides awesome opportinities for water sport activities.

Our Water ski, wakeboard and water donuts (tube) services are avaliable for beginners and advanced enthusiasts from May to September. Active and fun entertainment is guaranteed.

For safety,we provide all equipment for the aquatic adventure. Upon your request, we take photographs and videos of your journey.

Our water sport programs are also available individually or can be booked together with our other services.

  • Waterski
  • Wakeboard
  • Water Donut (Tube)
  • Bathing

Programs for kids - best for the Little Curious Ones

What drives and keeps the yacht on the water? How deep is the River Danube? What is the origin and of the river? How can someone be a captain? We are happy to answer any questions the kids have!

On weekends, the kids can take over the yacht! We offer a great and safe opportunity for children to get to know a true yacht's instruments and equipment so they can even learn the rules of mooring. They can also tour the cabin's facilities and be right next to the captain and even try out the captain's chair. This is a wonderful experience, which we can capture on a camera or video, There are also many souvenirs for children and parents as well.

  • Getting to know the yacht
  • Navy exercise
  • Learning to making knots
  • Small sailor initiation
  • Small captain photo shooting
  • Yacht games

Danube gastro tour – water & tastes

Yachting provides a great opportunity to find new restaurants, sweet-shops, catering facilities which are located near the water’s shore instead of the usual, common locations.

Travel with us on the Danube and discover new flavors! The Danube shore restaurants offer a big range of Hungarian dishes, from the international cuisine to local food specialties. Arrive by yacht and feel richer by having a true culinary experience in the below waterside's restaurant.

  • Melba Yacht Restaurant – Újpest Bay
  • Gyugyi’s Bistro – FOKA Bay, Pest
  • Rozmaring Restaurant – Buda
  • Csónakház Hall – Római Beach
  • Evezős Restaurant- Római Beach
  • Nebro Restaurant - Római Beach
  • Molo Café Restaurant – Római Beach
  • Alfa Art Hotel – Római Beach
  • Fortuna Boat Restaurant – Pest
  • A38 – Buda
  • Zsófia Programboat – Pest
  • Hotel Aquamarina Restaurantboat - Római Beach
  • Fellini Római Kulturbistro – Római Beach
  • Café Ponyvaregény – Kopaszi Gát
  • Wedding Garden – Hajógyári sziget
  • Széchenyi Restaurant, Danubius Grand Hotel - Margitsziget
  • Margit Terasz Restaurant - Margitsziget
  • Holdudvar Restaurant - Margitsziget
  • Columbus Boat Restaurant - Pest
  • Spoon Cafe & Lounge - Pest


Budapest Surrondings:
  • Zöld Kagyló – Luppa Island
  • Görög Kancsó Restaurant – Szentendre
  • Trattoria Cardinale Italian Restaurant – Szentendre
  • Corner Restaurant – Szentendre
  • Café Christine Restaurant and Coffee - Szentendre
  • Duna Garden - Ráckevei Canal of the River Danube


  • Duna Csárda – Göd
  • Széchenyi Csárda – Göd
  • Határcsárda- Leányfalu
  • Forgó Vendéglő – Dunabogdány
  • Part Café – Dunakeszi
  • Nautilus Boat Bar – Esztergom
  • Camelot Club Hotel and Restaurant - Verőce
  • Halászkert Restaurant - Vác

H2Office - „the floating office” service

It is well-known that good bargains and business deals are made not in the office, but at white tables while drinking a good coffee.

Conclude your best deal on our yacht! We cruise to the agreed location, provide office services on board and even legal support if you wish so. We offer confidentiality and a perfect place for a meeting with your business partners.

The agreed arragement can be recorded and printed on board. Our company and our yacht provides modern office technology, as well as office staff ( secretary, hostess).

For efficient and successful negotiations, we offer high quality catering on board. (e.g.: business lunch, drinks and refreshments, etc.)

  • Equipment for video and presentations
  • Office staff support
  • Legal support
  • Business breakfast
  • Work lunch
  • Phone/Telefax, Internet and printing options

Sunset and evening cruising - where the colors and lights truly come to life

Experience the magic of the sunset and nighttime on water when Budapest appears in its best light! Our yacht's equipment ensures that You and your Loved Ones will cruise in safety with us on the River Danube.

Lit-up buildings, colorful bridges and sights all under the moonlight make for an intimate setting, perfect for a romantic experience.

Even if we can't stop the passage of time and the sunsets, we can capture it all upon your request.

Cultural programs - in-style arrival to special event venues

If you don't want to miss the Margaret Island's theather show or concerts and/or you want to get to the Sziget Festival or to Budapest's waterfront party places quickly and easily, you can count on us!

We deliver You and your Loved Ones back and forth on time and in comfort to the chosen teather or music program/concert location. At your request, we play light or classical music, as well provide on-board refreshments.

  • Margaret Island
  • Hajógyári Island
  • ###Kopaszi Gát###
  • Downtown Budapest
  • Szentendre

Charity programs - because water is for everyone

Our company is committed to support disadvantaged children and adults, therefore we offer special support & programs. We believe that the spirit of yachting should be enjoyed by everyone, therefore we offer unforgettable experiences to handicapped, disabled or injured people as well.

Please trust us with organizing charitable programs and sponsor supported initiatives.

Security services for events organised on water, VIP yachting - security & exclusivity

Our yachts and captains are present in a number events organised on the River Danube and the Lake Balaton (e.g.: Crossfade Balaton, Hungarian Surf Championships, etc.) in order to ensure that the such programs are conducted in a safe manner.

Blue Ride yacht programs are visited by celebrities, famous athletes and public figures. Our well-trained, polite staff welcomes and transport all VIP guests in a very exclusive environment.

Yacht Club Budapest:
Római Beach: 1039. Budapest, Kossuth Lajos Üdülőpart 115.
Buda Port Get directions

Our Yachts

Premium 2 category

Our enterprise's flagship, the Crowline 270 CR is one of the most popular motor yacht (cruiser) which was made in the CROWNLINE factory, at the very dynamic and well-known boat producer located in the USA.

The cruiser is powered by a 300 horsepower, nearly 6 liter V8 MerCruiser engine, and travels up to 75 km/h. The stability of our yacht on curves and on waves is guarnteed by automatic trim tabs to ensure that the yacht's weight is evenly distributed.

Our 9 meter long yacht offers a fun, convenient and secure adventure tour up to 10 people.

Video preview

The yacht has a cabin where there is a fully stocked kitchen including a sink, microwave, stove and fridge.There is also a dining area. Inside the yacht there is seperate lavatory, which is equipped with a toilet and shower.

On the deck/board you can find a double "flip-up" helmsman's seat, deck dining table and also a comfortable and roomy sofas. On the nose deck, there are soft sunbeds for those who love the sun and would like to have a sunbath.

There is an entertainment center, which consists of a cabin-mounted TV and DVD player used to present the information of the cruise.

On our yacht you may try our special audio services as well, which include headphones that will allow you to enjoy some wounderful music and listen to our tour-guide information.

The safety of our crusing is supported by computer navigation, GPS and VHF radio contact devices.


Video preview

Our enterprise was brought to life because of the spirit of yachting and the passion for water

Our company is a joint stock company operating with a nautical license issued by the Hungarian National Transport Authority (NKH), and having liability insurance as required by the laws of Hungary.

Our Yacht is officially approved for water transportation services and is operated as passenger boat.

All of our captains serving on board are qualified professionals.

Our Company and our Staff is committed to offer modern, nice, high-quality and safe water-transportation services for all of our passengers.

Be our guest and try it on your own!

Best wishes from the deck::

Dan Zsolt

Pricelist and Booking


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The above prices include VAT, the boat rental fee, the cost of the crew, fuel, passenger insurance, port charges and the onboard indicated service (if any)!


All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

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Wedding Programs

Wedding Programs & Theme-Yachting - because the water is eternal.

Our captains, officers and hostesses welcome You and your Love Ones at any scenes of our special events. You are the guest of honor in an exclusive environment where our crusing and its program is tailored to your event and your needs.

The water, the sun, the waves and our yacht's customized theme offer an unforgetable experience for unforgetable moments!


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